How did diggidi start?

Leo was driving to practice one day and got caught up in traffic. He always leaves early and he had plenty of time. He was listening to music on the radio and actually singing along with the bands. The A/C in the car was adjusted to exactly the right temperature and Leo was feeling relaxed. The cars came to a full stop and he looked around. On his right – another new neighborhood was being built. On his left – WOW!!

She’s cute. She’s about 30 years old, dressed professionally. Blond, short ponytail, drives a black VW golf. That’s all he had for now. Then she turns and looks at him. He smiles and is happy to remember he washed his mouth after lunch. She smiles back. Good start, excellent start. He rolls down his window, so does she. Something is definitely going on here. They wait for their windows to match and then he says just a little loudly “Hi!”. She replies “Hi yourself!”.

Good. This is an opportunity. It could happen anywhere, anytime. NOW is Leo’s window of opportunity. He doesn’t know how long his opportunity will last but he does know it’s closing fast. So he comes up with the best line he can think of in the spur of the moment and says: “You know, I….” . Nothing.

She drove away. She was going north and Leo was on his way east. That’s how he missed his opportunity. He was never going to see her again. She could’ve been his future wife, a girlfriend for a couple of months, maybe just a hot date or maybe nothing more than a phone call. He doesn’t know. He never even got the chance to find out.

So, Leo started thinking of things he could’ve done if he had had only a couple more seconds with her. He could have yelled out: “I’m Leo, find me on Facebook!”?

That would not have worked. Adding his last name would only have made it trickier. He could have asked her for her phone number but she was not going to give it just like that to a stranger in a passing car?? She only saw a face and the side of a car, she doesn’t know him. Even if she wanted to give Leo her number it would not have been that easy. The noise of traffic, the cars moving forward and backwards according to the traffic lanes. She’s speeding thru 10 digits she knows by heart with Leo trying to get every last one of them. No way.

Leo could not get her out of his head and vowed he would be ready next time around. Ultimately, weeks later we came up with the best possible solution. You know it as diggidi.